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Discover the beautiful city of Ventspils in Latvia



Ventspils – the welcoming seaside city, where the harbor and the safe and qualitative Blue Flag beach live in harmony. The city takes pride in its distinct dialect, flag and currency – vents, and is always happy to have guests. There’s plenty to see and do – families with children will enjoy the playgrounds, the Children’s Town and “Fantasy” park. The Adventure park will be exciting both for the young and old. Families can have fun at the Water Amusement park, which features attractions for those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, as well as a SPA zone for those who are looking to relax. In the summer you can also enjoy the beach waterpark. Those who enjoy culture and history will certainly want to visit the Livonian Order Castle, which is the oldest fortress in Latvia and is almost unchanged since it was first built. The Seaside Open Air Museum tells a story of the ancient Latvian and Liv fishermen. In the museum you can ride a small Narrow-gauge train – a locomotive from 1916 that will take you all the way to the Adventure Park. While in the House of Crafts you’ll have the chance to get to know the local dialect – the Ventin language, the folk costumes of the region, as well as try out the ancient art of calligraphy. Get closer to the stars by visiting the planetarium, which offers a vibrant 360 degree star show daily. Meanwhile, the deer farm can be visited by animal lovers where they can be observed from the lookout tower. Visit the beautiful seaside city and get to know it just the way you want to.
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Source: Latvian Tourism Development Agency

Here’s a sampling of major yearly recurring events in Ventspils:

Lilium Vindaviensis Knights Tournament (Ventspils)

For two days in June, the Livonian Order castle yard will gather together romantics who favour the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, re-enactment groups – who will be battling each other, winning and celebrating.
Period: June
For more info visit the official website www.visitventspils.com, muzejs.ventspils.lv

Sea Festival in Ventspils

In Ventspils, the Sea Festival is taken seriously, which is just as it should be for a city by the sea. This is a time where family, friends and colleagues who are sailing across other seas are remembered. Various events in the Sea Festival will take place on the Osta Street promenade, the Livonian Order castle yard, on the square by the Pārventa Library, and will conclude with a concert and a dance party in Reņka Garden.
Period: July
For more info visit the official website www.visitventspils.com

Kurland Bike Meet

More than 2,000 bikers from Latvia and abroad gather for the event – an impressive parade of motorcycles through the streets of Ventspils. Bike fans can take photos and attend presentations by the moto teams. The event’s evening programme will involve the participation of various artists and takes place on the Seaside Camping grounds, lasting into the small hours of the following day.
Period: July
For more info visit the official website www.visitventspils.com

Sand sculpture festival “Golden Sand Grain”

Professional artists and amateurs from Latvia and other countries will gather on Ventspils Beach by the Southern Breakwater to surprise Ventspils residents and guests with works of art made of “mere” sand and water.
Period: July
For more info visit the official website www.visitventspils.com

Ventspils City Festival

The festivities will include the traditional Baltic Flower Carpet Festival and a parade. Wide variety of live music and sports activities throughout the day on the Osta Street Promenade, at Rātslaukums, on Dzirnavu Square, and a party will be arranged in the Reņķa Garden.
Period: August
For more info visit the official website www.visitventspils.com

Mazbānītis Festival

At the Ventspils Seaside Open-Air Museum, Christmastime has been a very special time for several years as it is the time at which the city’s beloved narrow gauge train “Mazbānītis” – is decorated with lights and every visitor to the festival gets a ride as a Christmas present. Join the celebration, and encounter fortune telling, gingerbread, pancakes, home-made candles and centuries-old solstice postcards.
Period: December
For more info visit the official website www.visitventspils.com