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Discover the beautiful city of Valmiera in Latvia



The city impressive cultural heritage along with its untouched nature has always made it an appealing destination – situated 107 km from Riga, 50 km from the Estonian border and on the banks of the Gauja river. The city will show you the best of Latvian craftsmen’s traditions, paired with modern manufacturing. The ideal place to grab an authentic Latvian souvenir along with the knowledge of how it was made. The city bloomed during the 14th century, which coincided with the time when the city joined the Hanseatic League. Crafts such as pottery, pelting, woodworking, metalworking and forging were developed, becoming a centre for crafts and trade. Even today a yearly market is held in October, bringing together hundreds of craftsmen with their goods. Visit the city to get a hands-on experience of the tradition of fine crafts. Learn to build wooden barrels, find out how the delicious “Valmiermuiža” beer is brewed along with a tour of the brewery and of course, taste testing. A short drive away is the picturesque “Brenguļu” brewery. Try your hand at pottery at “Vaivada ceramics”, and learn the traditions of building chairs from the masters at “Lejasbregži”. Visit a real forge under the guidance of blacksmith Kriss Dubrovskis, and visit the Valmiera museum to see the old metalworking tools, a tradesman’s boat from the Hanseatic times, learn to pour candles, and take a look at the black clay workshop. Further along in the Burtnieki direction learn the traditions of hemp growing and its practical uses.
For more information, please visit the website www.visit.valmiera.lv

Source: Latvian Tourism Development Agency

Here’s a sampling of major yearly recurring events in Valmiera:

Valmiera city Festival

During the city festival a rich and varied programme to all residents and guests of the city will be offered. The Youth park, various attractions, games, cycling for families, classical and popular music concerts, a fair, an open-air cinema, a ball, a morning exercise by the Gauja River, a fishing competition, a senior garden and the traditional march through the city is just a small part of the programme offered during Valmiera City Festival.
Period: August
For more info visit the official website www.visit.valmiera.lv

Sportlat Valmiera marathon

Participants can choose one of the distances: 42,195 km long marathon, 21, 097 long half marathon, 12,4 km long NIKE race, 6,2 km long popular race, SEB children’s race for various ages or the Nordic-walking. At the same time it will be the Latvian Championship in marathon; therefore it will gather not only running enthusiasts, but also top athletes from Latvia and abroad, competing for the title and trying to beat the record of the „Sportlat Valmiera marathon”.
Period: September
For more info visit the official website www.valmieras-maratons.lv

SEB MTB marathon Cēsis-Valmiera

It has become a tradition to hold one of the stages of the beloved SEB MTB marathon in Valmiera, gathering cyclers from all around Latvia and foreign countries. Route: Cēsis – Valmiera.
Period: April
For more info visit the official website mans.velo.lv