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Lithuania, an unique destination in the Baltic States



You are in Lithuania. Feel the surrounding green nature: meadows and hills are everywhere. Hear how the land is praised by singing birds. Five national parks are waiting for you. Travel through refreshing forests, see cultural monuments: castles, mounds, churches, crosses. Lithuania’s rivers and lakes are calling to be explored; numerous resorts and spa centres are ready to share the healing secrets of mineral springs. Hear the soughing of the sea, feel the grains of sand on your fingers as they disappear from your palm. Get a traditional amber necklace and bring a piece of Lithuania back home. Did you know that the name Lithuania is a thousand years old? Discover Lithuanian history and art. Theatres, exhibitions, concerts, festivals – all for your entertainment. In Lithuania you can listen to world-class classical music, watch numerous plays and operas in the country’s 30 theatres and enjoy high quality contemporary art. Need a good place for a conference, seminar or meeting? Look no further. Experienced Lithuanian travel agencies will help you find conference halls and make sure everything goes smoothly. Hotels, holiday camps, homesteads, guest and recreation houses are ready for your stay. Taste Lithuania, literally. Take a bite of brown bread and feel the golden rye. Spread some honey, put a slice of white cheese on top and enjoy. If you are thirsty, have a sip of Lithuanian kvass. Smile. You are in Lithuania.
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Source: Lithuanian State Department of Tourism under The Ministry of Economy