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Discover the best medieval places in Latvia

Latvia Medieval Heritage


The Latvian medieval heritage is enormous. We recommend to visit the following places:

Āraiši Lake Fortress

Discover the homeliness of the ancient Latgalian wooden settlement on an island in the middle of the picturesque Āraiši lake! The visit will be turned into an unusual experience by the traditionally-clothed guide who will not only tell you about the settlement, but will also demonstrate different tools and household objects. Right by the lake shore you’ll find medieval castle ruins, which will give you a wonderful view of the lake fortress. If you’re travelling with children, call in advance to arrange ancient latvian rituals and games. For more information visit the website www.lnvm.lv

Dundaga Castle

They say that it’s still haunted by the gnome king’s baronesse sister, who was laid into the brick wall. While in the basement live “crocodiles” – an exhibit about the film’s “Crocodile Dundee” main hero’s prototype. Take a peek at the castle’s history museum and Latvia’s only permanent medal exhibit.
For more information visit the website www.visit.dundaga.lv

Ēdole Castle

Several movies have been shot in this wonderful castle for its ancient aura. Spend some time at the interesting ancient item collection.
For more information visit the website www.edolespils.lv

Jaunpils Castle

One of the rare ancient castles that has conserved its original appearance. Dress up in medieval outfits and go take a look at it, forge your own coin or enjoy a candle lit meal in the castle’s tavern just let them know in advance that you’re coming. If you come for the Medieval Festival on the 9th of August, you’ll be welcomed by a market, medieval entertainment and competitions.
For more information visit the website www.jaunpilspils.lv

Šlokenbeka Manor

Behind the fortified brick walls you’ll find the road museum and exciting recreational activities. Let them know in advance that you’re coming, and you’ll be able to spend time playing ancient wooden games or enjoy wine and other of the castle’s luxuries.
For more information visit the website www.slokenbeka.lv

Livonia Castle of Sigulda

You can best feel the ancient aura of the castle by walking along its fortress walls and climbing up its reconstructed towers. By giving advanced notice, you’ll also be able to go on an exhilarating journey through the Livonian brotherhood’s daily life, participating in medieval competition and drinking something for your stomach to enjoy as well.
For more information visit the website www.tourism.sigulda.lv

Krustpils Castle

Take a look at the castle’s history and art exhibits and climb the tower from which you’ll see a lovely view of Jēkabpils city. Applying in advance, you’ll be able to stay longer and learn to pour candles and prepare paper dolls, taste the local cheeses and honey with a cup of tea, as well as go on a candlelit tour through the haunted basements or enjoy ancient latvian activities and games.
For more information visit the website www.jekabpilsmuzejs.lv

Source: Latvian Tourism Development Agency