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Discover Jurmala tha best beach resort in Latvia



There is no other such an unique and special place in the world as Jurmala resort city. 32 km long sandy beach, hundreds of romantic wooden houses with wooden laces and decorations, pine woods and parks, 14 historical centers beloved by everyone – this is Jurmala – the resort city with extraordinary destiny. During the last century Jurmala has experienced both historically political changes, and also serious changes in administrative-territorial division, as well as shifts in inhabitants’ social, numeral and national structure. In 1959, a united Jurmala city was established by unifying Riga City district of Jurmala, Sloka and Kemeri Towns of Riga district. Although new Jurmala has one administration, the differences of each of its districts still remain.
A big treasure of city are natural resources located in its territory – ionized sea air and air of pine tree woods that is enriched with phytonicide, quartz sand on the beach, mineral waters (sulphur hydrogen, bromine and sodium chloride), healing turf and sapropel mud that improve mental and physical comfort, as well as contributes to recovery of health. Due to natural conditions and local natural healing resources, Jurmala can be proud of having two kinds of resorts in one place – balneological and maritime climate resorts. For busy people Jurmala spa hotels, resort rehabilitation establishments and sanatoriums offer resort rehabilitation and SPA treatments, recreation. Combined courses offer to reach the best result in a short time. City’s resort establisments offer complex packages for treatment, recreation and rehabilitation that include physical therapy, physiotherapy, water gymnastics, different kind of massage, air-climate therapy, thalassotherapy, salt rooms, horse riding therapy and other treatments, based on natural resources. These therapies have already more then 150-year old traditions. Spending time in Jurmala gives not only a positive effect on human organism, but also a spiritual wellbeing, resulting from the change of usual environment, a big quantity of sunlight, stay-away from the big city hustle, good sleep, peace and quietness, sports and meditation, long walks along the beach and good food.
Another big treasure of the resort city is its unique wooden architecture. Being conscious of aesthetic attractiveness and material’s suitability for building houses of seasonal character, as well as assessing the positive qualities and impact on human health and environment, in the 19th century and in the first half of 20th century most of the houses in Jurmala were made of wood, therefore wooden architecture prevails over other kinds of building in Jurmala. Only the rich citizens could afford hiring educated architects to design their houses. Mainly they were Baltic German and Latvian specialists, but there are also works of Russian, Finnish and other
nationalities’ architects. Since the first half of the 19th century, popularity of classic architecture remained steady. There are also buildings of historism, art nouveau, national romanticism, as well as functionalism in Jurmala. Another characteristic feature of Jurmala’s architecture is rich woodcarving decorations on the facades and roofs of the buildings. New accents obtained from the historical construction are used to develop a new and modern style of architecture. 408 buildings are included in the list of architectural monuments, 7 of which are sacral buildings: 3 Lutheran, 2 Catholic and 2 Orthodox churches. More than 4000 buildings correspond to historical building of city. City’s architecture can be observed if you choose one of the eight pedestrian routes that include 14 culture historical centres of city from Priedaine to Ķemeri. Every single route reflects the most characteristic things in area, therefore allowing guests to feel the individuality and particular mood of the place.

Source: Jurmala City Council & Latvian Tourism Development Agency

Here’s a sampling of major yearly recurring events in Jurmala:

Joma street celebrations

One of the main streets in Jūrmala will be filled with a sea of people, who will be able to enjoy a cultural and entertainment programme free of charge and spanning the entire length of the street. These have become high ranking celebrations which attract thousands.
Period: June/July
For more info visit the official website www.tourism.jurmala.lv

Summer music season Artissimo

Violinists, soloists, orchestras, chamber orchestras and conductors from all over the world will participate in the Artissimo festival in Jūrmala.
Period: summer season
For more info visit the official website www.hbf.lv