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Discover Druskininkai the best SPA resort in Lithuania



Druskininkai – the oldest upscale resort in Lithuania is famous for its 7 mineral water springs, 9 treatment centres and its balneological treatment centre. After a long day you will be able to experience the relaxing effects of whirlpool, oxygen, vertical, herb and mud baths, experience the benefits of underwater massage, honey masks and the effects of the salt room. Walking on paths and trails in pine forests you will regain energy, strengthen the immune system, and regain your spiritual balance. In the Nemunas Loop Regional Park is the balneological resort of Birštonas. Today it is a perfect place in which to hold a conference. Winding in long loops the longest, widest, and most picturesque Lithuanian river, the Nemunas, runs through the town. Take in the views of the marvellous houses and the elegant 19–20th century villas situated on the bank of the river and surrounded by beautiful trees. In Birštonas you will quickly leave feelings of tiredness behind by experiencing a variety of relaxation procedures and drinking mineral water rom a pump-room. The spa centres based here only use natural medical mud and mineral water.
Grūtas Park near the Druskininkai resort has a unique collection of Soviet monuments from 1989–1991. You won’t find such a number of once idolized sculptures in one place anywhere else. The Museum also has collections of books, posters, flags, and even an assembly hall as well as a gallery of Soviet leaders and art. Make sure you don’t leave the Park without visiting the local cafe. Its Nostalgic Menu offers the following: sprat (the Russian way), Deer’s Eye cocktail, So long, youth cutlets, and sausages with ketchup.

Source: Lithuanian State Department of Tourism under The Ministry of Economy

Here’s a sampling of major yearly recurring events in Druskininkai:

St John Feast

Feast of St. John is organized near the Druskonis Lake. Girls believe that morning dew turns magic on this shortest night of the year; therefore, they wash their faces with dew to freshen them up. Special importance is attached to water: hexes bathing in lakes and rivers on this night enchant the water and it can make you look younger, help get married sooner, or cure of long-standing illnesses. Traditional Lithuanian games take place: wreath weaving, search of fern blossom, dancing, burning the bonfire of the Feast of St. John. Bonfire is an important ritual on this day, a salute to the Sun. Looking for a blossom of a fern is atractive although everybody knows that the fern does not blossom at all. People used to believe that one has to be strong-willed, resolute, mature and unselfish to succeed in finding a fern blossom.
Those named Jonas (John) and Janina (Janet) are congratulated.
Period: 23rd of June
For more info visit the official website http://info.druskininkai.lt

Druskininkai resort feast

Druskininkai resort feast is the biggest cultural event in the region.
For three days our town turns into a big scene of concerts, exhibitions, meeting, games and amusements.The most impressive part of the feast – theatricalized parade. On this day, in the center of Druskininkai one can see crowds of resi-dents and visitors watching the festive parade. After a grand opening of the feast a marathon of cultural events and performances starts. All three days Vilnius avenue is enlivened with folk art and crafts’ fair and street market.
Period: May
For more info visit the official website http://info.druskininkai.lt