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Discover Cesis one of the most beautiful medieval city in latvia



Cēsis is a city of historic and modern significance. Walking through the city you’ll be walking down the same cobblestoned streets as during medieval times, as the layout hasn’t changed since. Be sure to note the wooden buildings and look for the ancient roof tiles. The city gets its romantic charm from the city’s pride gem – the medieval castle ruins and their surrounding parks, where you might be so lucky as to spot the black swans or the legendary “wise father of time”, who is said to light the city lanterns. Cēsis was a significant trade city – it became a part of the Hanseatic league in the 15th century, and was responsible for managing the flow of goods to Russian lands. Having become such a powerful trade city, Cēsis had even developed its own currency – the Cēsis shilling. It is also home to one of Northern Europe’s oldest breweries – “Cēsu alus”. Among other significant facts – Cēsis is the birthplace of the Latvian flag, and also happened to become the capital city of Latvia for two days. Nowadays Cēsis has become a centre of art and culture. European and Latvian culture come together here – enjoy the mix of tradition and innovation in the new regional concert hall or at one of the many festivals that happen throughout the year, such as the Cēsis modern art festival, Medieval Festival, the “Gallant Harpsichord” music festival, Museum night, the city festival, the International Architect Summer Plenary and more.
For more information, please visit the website www.tourism.cesis.lv.

Source: Latvian Tourism Development Agency

Here’s a sampling of major yearly recurring events in Cesis:

Cēsis Art Festival

Its organisers strive (and rarely fail) to offer a music, cinematic, theatrical, and visual art events programme that promotes an understanding of the processes behind contemporary culture worldwide. The festival is unique, thanks to its experimental daring and resolve to present creative expression by top notch, recognised artists. A celebration of the arts throughout the whole month, which reaches its culmination in the open-air opera performances in Pils Parks (Castle Park). Thanks to its reputation and fame, the festival is also attended by devotees from many foreign countries.
Period: July
For more info visit the official website www.cesufestivals.lv

Cēsis 810 Anniversary Celebration

The festival offers an extensive programme of events and activities satisfying various tastes. On Friday, academic and classical music performances are offered by well-known artists. On Saturday, the city is divided into six zones, each with a different theme, with fireworks and a party under the stars – “Fonofests”, capping the fun. Sunday is devoted to sports and games.
Period: July
For more info visit the official website www.cesis.lv

Medieval Day at Cēsis Castle

During this day, special emphasis is placed on how life was during the Middle Ages, specifically focusing on knighthood, competitions, field battles, and demonstrations of combat technique. Performances from Medieval music ensembles, markets, food halls, demonstrations of craftsmanship, and other thematic activities.
Period: July
For more info visit the official website www.cesupils.lv