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Cape Kolka an unique place to visit in Latvia

Cape Kolka


Known as Domesnes in the olden days, Cape Kolka was recorded on a rune stone in Sweden in 1040. This place is the most distinct cape in Latvia, and it is the place where the Baltic Sea (the Big Sea) and the Bay of Rīga (the Little Sea) crash together. During storms, particularly with strong southerly winds, the waves can be as much as 7 m high. The cape continues as underwater shallows all the way to the lighthouse. You can see the wreck of a wooden ship (thought to be from the 19th century), a rock called the Heart of Europe (Krišjānis Valdemārs considered this location to be the centre of the continent), a series of information stands about Valdemārs, and a former Soviet coastal defence base. The Latvian Border Guard continue to use the base today. During migration season, Cape Kolka is a location for birds to gather and rest that is of Northern European importance. Bird watchers will love this place. Cape Kolka has a visitors centre and, during the summer only, a small cafeteria. The pines that have fallen on the beach are interesting – they have been washed away by the sea. Under the water around Cape Kolka is the largest ship cemetery in the Baltic Sea. The location is dangerous for swimmers because of shifting currents and sands. The ruins of the old lighthouse at the end of Cape Kolka date back to the 18th century. What you see there is the southern tower. The northern tower was washed away by the sea during the latter half of the 19th century. You can visit Cape Kolka at night, because the road from the car park is well lit with solar batteries. We recommend the circular route (3 km) along the seashore to and from the Cape Kolka Pine Trail, which will be fully restored in 2013. The cape is in the Slītere National Park.
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Source Latvian Tourism Development Agency