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Aglona a beautiful place in Latvia to be discovered



Latgale is the land of hundreds of picturesque lakes and numerous churches including one of the most noted sanctuaries in the world – the Aglona Basilica, which gathers thousands of Catholic believers every year. The special atmosphere and splendid interior of the church makes you forget about your everyday worries and think about the most important things in your life.
Already in the late 17th century the Dominican Order established a monastery and built the first wooden church in the city. When the church built in 1699 burned down, a stone monastery building and the current church were built in its place from 1768 till 1780. The church holds a broad collection of paintings, sculptures and artistic property. During religious festivals also the famous altarpiece “The Miracle-worker Our Lady of Aglona” told to have healing abilities, is uncovered. In 1993 the city was visited by the Pope John Paul II. The aspiration for harmony typical to inhabitants of Latgale can also be felt at ceramic workshops around Rēzekne and Rāzna National Park, while resting at one of the many lakes or enjoying traditional food of the hospitable Latgalians. For more info please visit the website www.aglona.lv.

Source: Latvian Tourism Development Agency